In a Holding Pattern (While I Look for a Pattern)

I'm kinda in between major projects now (more on that later). So I'm using up some old and/or leftover yarn for some small stuff. First, I finished the scarf with the cashmere lace-weight yarn.

I'm not entirely happy with it. It blocked out smaller and denser than I liked. I haven't woven in the ends yet, because I might unravel it and start over...AGAIN!

Next, I used some of the yarn left over from all those baby bibs to make some more wash cloths.

The green and brown one is my favorite. Looks like mint-chocolate chip ice cream...which sounds really good right now.

Now I'm working a scarf made with leftover sock yarn. I'm not usually one to wear pink--my clothes are usually dark earth tones--but I really like pink and orange together.

In my head, I'm referring to this as my Battlestar Galactica scarf, since I started it when I started watching BSG. It has been on my Netflix queue for years and finally came up. The scarf is plain garter stitch, which makes it good knitting while watching DVDs.

OK, so back to the subject of major projects. I bought this hand-dyed yarn from Ellen's Half-Pint Farm way back in 1999 at the very first Stitches Midwest in Minneapolis.

It's 1675 yards, half wool half silk, roughly DK weight, and much prettier in real life than it looks in the photo. I've never knit it because I wanted to find the perfect pattern for it, and nothing ever seemed just right. It's bothering me that this yarn has been languishing for over a decade, and I really want to do something with it this year. So I'm thinking of this cardigan. What do y'all think? Any suggestions or opinions?

Of course, the fact that I have all this unused yarn languishing since the last century didn't stop me from buying more yarn when I was at Windy Knitty, a lovely new shop in Andersonville, last Saturday with Monica and a friend of hers.

The orange yarn is Adorn sock yarn in the color Kieran from Three Irish Girls. The green yarn is merino lace yarn from Madeline Tosh in the color Jade. I have no idea what I'm going to do with either; guess I'd better get looking for patterns for those, too. *sigh*