Two More Christmas Balls

I've been knitting more of those Arne & Carlos Christmas balls. These are for gifts.

The red and white one is called Poinsettia and the lavender and white one is called Frost. I wanted to use nontraditional colors for at least a few of these balls, and the lavender is pretty, but now I'm wishing I had gotten a darker color so the pattern would stand out more. Oh, well. Live and learn. I've already started another ball that I plan to keep for myself. A picture will be posted when it's done.


Lynette said…
more awesomeness! they look wonderful! i can see an entire tree decorated with them.
Me too!!! If my cats weren't so evil and I could have a full-size tree (instead of a tiny table-top one), I'd definitely decorate it with as many of these balls as I could fit on it.
Martha said…
Can I join the knitting club! Im knitting my 17th one! :)
they are gorgeous, arent they?
17? I'm way behind you, Martha. :-)