My sister gave me a $125 Knit Picks gift certificate as a long-belated birthday and Christmas present. I used it the same day I got it, because I have absolutely no self-control when it comes to yarn.

First, I got the worsted weight wool sampler, in Autumn.

I got two sock samplers, one in Earth....

...and the other in Sunny Day.

Finally, I got the Woodland Winter Mittens kit. I really do need to make new mittens for myself. The right-hand thumb on my old pair got caught in a zipper and ripped. I patched it as best as I could, but of course, I didn't have any of the original yarn left, so the patch doesn't match and looks really ugly. Also, they're just getting old and worn. Anyway, here is the yarn for the kit.

And here is the cover of the pattern, showing what the six pairs of mittens will look like.

I'm especially excited about the autumn leaves mittens. I think those are gorgeous. I like the snowflakes, too.

I haven't decided yet what I'll do with the rest of the yarn. It can sit in the stash while I ruminate about it. In any case, I'll probably be busy making cotton baby bibs again next week. A neighbor contacted me about making some for her niece or nephew (they don't know the baby's gender yet), and the baby shower is at the end of April, so I need to get started on that right away.