Blocking Wires Are a Lace Knitter's Best Friend

I am still working on those autumn leaf mittens. One is done, and the second is just a few rows and a thumb away from completion. I was traveling all last week and couldn't do any work on them because it would have required my packing 5 balls of yarn in my small bag, and I couldn't spare the room. So instead I brought along this scarf I started ages ago. It's a Knitty pattern called Unleaving. The yarn is Pashmara (75% merino wool, 15% cashmere, and 10% silk; color, Brick) from Fly Designs. This is the scarf on blocking wires:
Blocking wires made this so easy. I threaded 3 wires along the top edge and pinned them down, and then all I had to do was pin out each lace point. Using the wires meant that I only had to use 5 pins, as opposed to 50, along that 4-foot-long top edge. This is the scarf around my neck:
I love it. The color is perfect for me, and the yarn is extremely soft against the skin.