Christmas, Unraveled

This year, I didn't plan my Christmas knitting very well. I finished my nephew's mittens on time, but I was still weaving in the ends the night before my visit.

I knit frantically on the airplane, but I had to finish the scarf after I got there.

And then once I was there, he decided that he wanted a hat, too, but not with any of the yarn left over from the other gifts, so we had to go yarn shopping. He picked a camouflage-looking variegated wool yarn from Patons. He also requested the pompom on top, surprisingly enough.

For a hat that was knit in less than 24 hours (started Saturday night and finished Sunday afternoon), I think it turned out pretty well, and it looks super cute on him. Now I have to make another hat for his mom, who also picked out yarn on that same shopping trip. She knows she isn't getting it in time for Christmas. My hands hurt!