I Put a Bird on It

How very Portlandia of me, no? Actually, I've never watched that show, but of course, I heard about the put-a-bird-on-it meme when it made its way around the interwebs a while back. Anyway, I made another Arne & Carlos Christmas ball for a friend's Christmas present. She happens to own a pet bird, so I thought the bird motif would be appropriate for her.

I hope she likes it. Last night I put up my Christmas decorations, including all the Arne & Carlos balls I made last year. I put them on my front door in lieu of a wreath, where they look very festive.

I have one more gift to make: mittens for my nephew. The last I heard, he wanted gray and green ones. I hope he doesn't change his mind again (he originally said he wanted orange mittens). Five-year-olds are so fickle sometimes.