Knitted Easter Eggs: Second Batch

I really have nothing to say about these except that they please me immensely, especially the Little Red Hen one at the upper left.

I've already started making another one and hope to have a full dozen done before the weekend is over. I have a cold and it's raining, so aside from a possible field trip to get sushi with Lynette and Monica, I plan to stay at home this weekend and knit.

Oh, I bought some wool batting from Purl Soho, and it works MUCH better than the polyester fiberfill batting I was using before. I haven't measured it (because I don't have a digital scale), but my perception is that I'm using less because it's loftier and fills up the eggs better. They're also more smooshy and less rigid than the ones filled with polyester fiberfill. Finally, it's just nicer to work with. The polyester stuff is really scratchy on the fingers when you pull it apart. I mean, I'm glad I had the polyester fiberfill on hand, left over from a long-abandoned project, but I don't plan to buy it ever again. The wool has completely spoiled me now.