More Baby Stuff

Remember those baby bibs I posted last time? I finished the burp cloths to go with them.

If I can sing my own praises, I think I picked some good color combos. That mint green with the navy is especially pretty, and you can't go wrong with denim blue and cream.Of course, my favorite is the teal with yellow; my school colors were green and gold, so I have a particular fondness for that color combo.

I still need to buy buttons for the bibs and sew them on, and I should probably wash all these items to remove the cat fur and extra dye from the yarn, but otherwise, this is ready to go. However, I'll probably wait until after the baby is born to mail these to the parents. I admit to being a little superstitious in this regard. It feels like tempting fate to give parents baby presents ahead of time.

My knitting queue is strangely empty at this point. I have nothing in particular in mind to work on at the moment. We might have a charity project at church, though, so that might be what I do next.


monica said…
Love the color combos you chose too!!