Christmas at Sea: Finished Scarf and Bonus Hat

I finished that scarf for Christmas at Sea that I mentioned in the last post, and I had enough yarn left over to do a hat also. I think they make a nice set.

Windy Knitty is collecting 8 x 8-inch squares to make blankets for victims of the Oklahoma tornadoes, so I plan to knock one out this weekend. I grew up in the Tornado Alley of central Illinois, so I know how terrifying a tornado is. We never had major damage to our house (just minor roof damage caused by falling tree limbs), and no one in my family was ever hurt, but I've spent many a summer afternoon huddled in a basement waiting for the storm to pass overhead. I can only imagine what it's like to have your house torn apart or a loved one killed, and I'm sure the folks there will appreciate any gesture of sympathy and solidarity. Anyway, I have plenty of suitable yarn on hand. The only difficult choice is whether to do a solid square or something with checks or stripes.