Miscellaneous Items

While looking for something else, I found some solid green sock yarn in the stash. The ball band is long gone, so I have no idea who the manufacturer is.

The yarn was really nice to knit with. It has a hard twist so it doesn't split easily. Yes, these socks are boring, but they'l be very comfy for next winter.

Onto the next charity project: a lady at church donated money so that our knitting group could buy yarn to make items for Christmas at Sea. I chose Plymouth Encore worsted weight. The color is supposed to be olive heather, but I think it has a decided bluish tint to it. It's very pretty, in any case. I'm using the mariner's scarf pattern posted on the Christmas at Sea site.

It's a very easy basket-weave pattern. It's the same on both sides (mirror image, actually), so there's no wrong side, which is important for scarves.

That's it for right now. I also found an old sweater in the stash that I started ages ago. Once the weather gets really hot and I have to turn on the AC, that's when I'll pull that one out and finally finish it...just as long as no more friends announce pregnancies and I have to knit baby stuff again.