Baby Blanket Update

The baby blanket is coming along nicely. As always, garter stitch makes for great knitting while watching TV or attending outdoor summer concerts because I don't have to stare at the thing for every single stitch and can do it by feel, so I'm making swift progress.

I really like the colors I picked. I think they harmonize well. As a side note, that burgundy is more red than purple in real life, but my cheap cell phone camera doesn't have the best color resolution.

Sorry this post is so boring, but this blanket is the only thing I'm working on at the moment and I don't have anything else to share. Ideally, I would like to get the bulk of this blanket out of the way before November, so I have some time to knit holiday gifts, if needed. The baby in question isn't due until the end of January, so I can set the blanket aside and pick it up again after Christmas, but then I don't want to be rushed at the last minute. It's weird to be thinking of the holidays at the end of July, but if I don't start planning early, I'll never get any of this accomplished. Until next time, keep those needles clicking.