Two Hats and the Neverending Blanket

I took a few days away from the blanket to knit a hat for a friend's newborn boy. And because I didn't want his big sister, who is 2 years old, to feel left out, I made her a hat, too. Guess which one is which. (For some reason, I can't get this photo to rotate, so you'll have to tilt your head to the left to see them properly. Sorry.)

The girl's hat is knit with some Knit Picks sock yarn I had on hand. It's the same yarn I used for my sister's fingerless gloves last Christmas. I knit the little flower ages ago and had it stashed away, so I can't tell you what yarn it is. I do remember that I used a Nicky Epstein pattern that was published in Vogue Knitting many years ago.

The boy's hat is made with yarn I bought from the sale bin at Sifu Design Studio. A friend and I went to Andersonville to have lunch at Ethiopian Diamond, and we parked right in front of Sifu. I said, "Um, we HAVE to stop in there after lunch so I can browse...not that I need any yarn." Anyway, I bought 3 balls, all of which are incorporated into the boy's hat. The dark blue is Dale of Norway's Heilo, the light blue is Rowan's Cork, and the green is Brown Sheep Nature Spun Sport.

Once I finished those hats, I went back to the blanket. It's getting very large, to the point where it's no longer a portable project. I'm working on a large section at the bottom, a green square and a blue one side by side.

Once I'm done with those squares at the bottom, there is one more narrow section along the side, and then the borders. I'm pretty confident that I'll finish it by her due date in late January, even if I need to set it aside for holiday knitting in November. Speaking of which, can you believe it's September already? As always, I'm shocked at how quickly the summer went by. But that just means that my favorite season--sweater season--will be here soon. Happy knitting!