Finished Baby Sweater

At long last, I am done knitting for my friend's baby, and not a minute too soon because the baby shower is a week from tomorrow. I finished knitting the sweater about a week ago but couldn't find buttons I liked, so I ordered some from Knit Picks. It's hard to see in this bad photo, but they are Peter Rabbit buttons and just too cute for words.

I used Sally Melville's Baby Albert design from the first volume of The Knitting Experience. It's very easy--all modular garter stitch, just like the baby blanket I made.

So now I'm going to knit a couple of Christmas-themed dishcloths for some friends who have done me some good turns recently, and that's it for holiday knitting. No one asked me for anything this year, so I'm going to knit something for myself instead. I haven't decided what yet, but I'll post a picture as always.