Rib-Knit Cowl

Happy new year! This is my first finished project of 2014, fresh off the needles last night: a rib-knit cowl scarf.

I used 3 strands of Knit Picks Capretta held together and size 15 needles. I cast on 102 stitches and did a K3 P3 rib in the round until I ran out of yarn. Easy-peasy, no? Sometimes it's the simple things that have the most impact. I'm still seeing cowls and chunky knits in the stores and the fashion blogs, so I think this will look stylish for some time. And even if it doesn't, it's super warm and comfortable, which is what matters more to me anyway.

Now it's back to some socks, which I'll desperately need next week. Have you seen the weather forecast for Chicago? The high on Monday is supposed to be 10 degrees below 0, with wind chills of 40-50 below. I'm beginning to understand why birds and older people migrate south for the winter. Brrrrrr!