Charity Knitting During Lent: Part 2

I finished another pair of socks for Afghans for Afghans. Once again, the yarn is Felici from Knit Picks. I couldn't get the stripes to line up this time, which bugs me, but I don't have time to re-do them. I hope the recipient doesn't mind.

I'll be traveling next week, so I should have time to knit a third pair before Easter. I'm also working on another Easter egg for a friend. My friend's little girl really liked that egg I made for her. I told her that I ran into the Easter bunny outside the house and that he told me to give that egg to her. I'm not sure that she believed me. She's a pretty savvy 3-year-old.


monica said…
Love those socks. I didn't even notice they didn't match until you said so.
Foxy Knitter said…
Thanks, M! I'm working on a third pair while I'm on vacation. The yarn is variegated, not striped, so no stress about not matching this time. :-)