Scrap Yarn Socks

When I went on that knitting retreat back in January, we decided to do a sock exchange for the next year. The stipulation was that the socks had to be made of scrap yarn. It turns out that I won't be able to attend next year, but I since I already agreed to participate, I had to knit the socks for my recipient. Aside from weaving together the toe and the loose ends on the second sock, they're done.

I used several different Knit Picks yarns. I don't have the ball bands any more so I can't tell you what color ways I used. Because I had such small bits of each yarn left over, I couldn't get the stripes to match up exactly, but I think they still look good.

I still have a lot of sock yarn left over, so I think I'm going to make some baby socks and hats for Afghans for Afghans. After that, I think I'm ready to make something for myself before fall.


Unknown said…
They look great! Your recipient will be happy!
Foxy Knitter said…
Thanks, Lynette! I'll have to give them to you to take to the retreat next year.