Christmas Knitting 2014 Continued

This week I finished a cowl scarf for my sister-in-law. I used Knit Picks Capra, which is a wool-cashmere blend.

I used 3 different shades of blue-green (they look a bit darker in this photo than they are in real life. I divided the lightest shade in half, then held 2 strands together, switching colors when one ran out, so that all 3 colors were paired with each other. I used size 15 needles and knit 120 stitches in the round, using K3 P3 rib. It's that simple, and but the results are gorgeous. This yarn is softer than a kitten.

Last time I forgot to post a photo of the scarves I made for Ujima Village, a youth homeless shelter here on the south side. I only had time to do 4 scarves, but they turned out nicely. I hope they'll be put to good use.

Right now I'm making a few Christmas-themed wash cloths for my sister-in-law's parents as a host gift. They're letting me stay in their guest room for a few days between Christmas and New Year's. I'm looking forward to getting a whole week with my nephew.

If I get them done before I leave, I'll post a photo of the wash cloths. If not, I wish you the happiest of holidays.