Late Spring Knitting

Hope you all had a lovely Easter (or Passover or Ostara or whatever spring holiday you celebrate). I started the first 2 projects featured here during Lent and finished them right around Easter. I made hats for the children of some good friends of mine; I had made them both hats a couple of years ago, but they have since outgrown them and needed new ones. 

For the boy, I made an orange beanie using leftover sock yarn. The pattern, if you can call it that, is my own. I did rib knit for a while, then switched to stockinette, and then when it seemed deep enough, I did the spiral decrease for the top. It looks really cute on him.

For his older sister, I made a tam o'shanter using some wool-silk hand-dyed yarn from the stash. I had used this yarn to make a Clapotis scarf for myself a while back. The pattern is from Ann Budd's book of handy knitting patterns. I still have plenty of this blue-green-yellow yarn left over, so I might make another project for myself, such as some gloves.

 Finally, I knit yet another cowl for myself. This one uses Disco Diva yarn from Mia Bella in the color way Oranjello. I finished this late last night and haven't blocked it or even woven in the ends yet. That's a Sunday afternoon project. I knit it in the round using a zig-zag lace pattern from a Barbara Walker book.

It's getting warmer, but I think I'll still have a few opportunities to wear it before summer. It has been a chilly spring so far, and it's always cooler here by the lake.