Knitting With Silk Mawata

I bought this mawata (silk cocoons stretched over a square frame and then dyed) kit years ago.

I don't even remember when and where I got it. All I know is that I found it buried in the stash when I was looking for something else. So, you peel apart all these whisper-thin layers of silk, stretch the fibers out into one long strand, and then try to spin them. 

I'm not a good spinner. The results are rustic at best. But I don't mind thick-and-thin yarn and I think it looks good knit into this very open lace pattern on big needles (size 10 1/2).

Also, these colors, copper and turquoise, are gorgeous! I cannot wait to finish and wear this. It has been pretty chilly in Chicago so far this summer, so I might not have to wait until fall.