More Random Summer Knitting and a Hat for Nepal

The weather finally got warm here in Chicago, so I don't want to work on anything too big and bulky. Smaller items are just the ticket for summer knitting and I can easily keep them in my bag for knitting on the go.

I've done a couple more wash cloths. I was thinking of giving them to my sister-in-law as a housewarming present (she just bought her first home), but I might keep this orange one for myself. I love orange. My nephew loves orange, too, however, so I think he might want it more than I do.

I'm also making a few hats for charity. The good folks at Loopy Yarns are collecting knitted and crocheted garments to be taken to Nepal in November to help people who were displaced by the April 2015 earthquake. I've already got a couple of wool hats in the stash, and I finished a new one last night.

I think the brown wool is Lion Brand fisherman's yarn, but I'm not sure what the green wool is. It has been in my stash forever. I plan to make a couple more hats with that brown yarn. If I have time, I might also make some mittens and socks.

What are you knitting now that the weather is finally warm?