Random Summer Knitting

Happy Independence Day! I hope you're enjoying the long weekend and not blowing your hands off with illegal fireworks. People in my neighborhood have been insane with the fireworks all week. I'll have to shut my windows and turn on the air conditioner tonight to be able to sleep. My cats are nervous wrecks, poor things.

Anyway, I finished knitting that silk mawata scarf last week. It turned out beautifully and it's a nice length, long enough to go around my neck twice and be tied in various ways. My only complaint about this unspun silk yarn is that it tends to stick to itself. I feel like I'm always smoothing out the fabric because it crumples on itself and won't drape the way it should. Still, it was a fun project and I would do it again.

I started making a cardigan for myself but it's slow going--the lace pattern requires quite a bit of concentration and I haven't memorized it yet--so I don't have a picture worth posting yet. I do, however, have this dish cloth I knit last night while watching the final 2 episodes of Orange Is the New Black season 3. (Side note: am I the only one who was very disappointed by this season? I found myself getting very bored during some of the episodes, and that never happened to me during the first two seasons.)

I love pink and green together; it reminds me of watermelon, which is appropriate given the season and given the fact that I made watermelon popsicles yesterday, too. I'm keeping this one for myself. The cheerful color combo makes me happy.