Summer Ends, Fall Begins

A couple of posts ago, I mentioned I was knitting a scarf out of some stash yarn. I ended up twisting it and sewing the ends together to make a Moebius cowl. I don't know whether I'll keep it for myself or have it on hand as a gift for someone else. It is very pretty.

PBS recently re-aired the Ken Burns Civil War documentary to celebrate its 25th anniversary--let that sink in a minute--that documentary first aired on TV a QUARTER CENTURY ago. Dang, I'm old. Anyway, that whole week, I was sick with allergies, so I spent every night parked in my chair watching the Civil War unfold and knitting. I made two hats and started a third (which I have since finished but didn't photograph).

Those hats are the last of my summer charity knitting. Now that autumn is here, I need to make some socks for myself. This is some Knit Picks sock yarn I found in the stash. I'm using my usual plain pattern. No one sees them but me, so they just need to be warm, not fancy.

What are you planning to knit as the days get cooler? Something for yourself or for someone you love?