Christmas 2015: Easy-Peasy

Some years I knit for several people on my list, and other years, I just don't have the desire or energy. This year is one of the latter. The only person for whom I'm knitting this year is my nephew. Last night I finished a hat and scarf set for him.

Orange is his favorite color, and the blue and orange combo are the NY Mets colors; he became a fan during the 2015 World Series. So I really think he's going to like this set.

So that's it for my Christmas knitting. I've recently given some hats to organizations that are helping Syrian refugees, and I made a hat for my cousin's new baby (I forgot to take a picture, unfortunately). Now it's back to working on a project for myself, and when I've finished that, I have a couple more baby hats to make for two friends who are expecting early next year. As always, pictures will be posted when I'm done.