Christmas Knitting and a Limited Edition Yarn

I wasn't planning to knit any Christmas gifts this year but this woman in my church choir has been kind enough to pick me up for every rehearsal (I don't have a car), so I decided to make a jagged little cowl for her. She's very stylish so I think she'll like this striped chevron pattern. The yarns are both Stroll tonal from Knit Picks.

I had plenty left over so I decided to also make a scarf for my choir director, who also sometimes gives me rides home from rehearsal. He's also a great friend. These colors are going to look great with his blueberry eyes. I'm using the mistake stitch rib pattern.

The ladies over at Mason-Dixon Knitting commissioned Jill Draper to make a custom color way of her amazing Rifton yarn. I resisted for a while but finally bought one. Isn't it gorgeous? This photo doesn't do it justice.


I haven't decided what to make with it yet. Once I do, you know I'll post pictures.

Are you knitting Christmas gifts? If so, I wish you lots of happy holiday knitting.