Finished Baby Blanket

I had to go out of town this past week because my dad had surgery. I knew that waiting around in the hospital would give me a lot of knitting time, so I brought the baby blanket along with me. I finished it Thursday evening.

 I decided to do applied I-cord for the border. I love how it looks.

It's so clean and elegant, and it covers up any wonky color changes along the edges of the blanket.

Now I need to find out whether they're having a baby shower for my nephew's mom. If they are, I'll send it to her mom to give to her as a surprise at the shower. I imagine they will have one, because it has been nearly 10 years since she had my nephew, and I know she gave all his baby clothes away long ago.

Now I'm feeling kind of empty because I don't have a particular project in mind. Maybe I'll look through my stash and see what inspiration I can find.