Summer Knitting: Socks and the Wonder Woman Wrap

Socks are the perfect summer knitting project because they're small. Nothing is worse than trying to knit a big sweater or blanket when it's hot and humid. I finished these socks last week. The yarn is Felici, a self-striping sock yarn from Knit Picks. They always have really interesting color ways, and I love that I can get the stripes on the socks to match without any problems.

Also, my yarn for the Wonder Woman wrap arrived. It's Gloss from Knit Picks in Cranberry and Honey. The Honey is being discontinued, so I got it for almost half off the regular price. I do love a good bargain.

I've got the bottom border done. It doesn't look like much at this point, so I haven't bothered taking a photo. When I get to the first golden W, I'll post a picture.

Finally, for the first time in many years, I'm going to Stitches Midwest in a few weeks. I'm not taking any classes, just going to the yarn market with a friend who is willing to pick me up at the Metra station. I haven't attended since they moved it from Rosemont to Schaumburg because it's hard to get to that location via public transit. I could rent a car, of course, but that seriously cuts into my yarn budget, and I'd rather not spend half the day fighting suburban Chicago traffic. At least on the train I can knit or read.