Another Scrap Yarn Scarf

As I've mentioned before, I don't throw away those bits and bobs of yarn that are usually left over at the end of a big project. It's rare that I don't have some yarn left over because I always buy a little more than the pattern specifies, just in case there was an error in the pattern or my gauge doesn't quite match up with that of the designer or the person who knit the samples.

I got burned that way early on in my knitting career when I ran out of yarn near the end of making a dress for a little girl and was stuck buying something in a different dye lot that didn't quite match; to this day (almost 20 years later), it bothers me that the sleeves were a slightly different shade than the body of the dress. Anyway, I'm trying to use up all those little odd balls of yarn that are rolling around in my stash, and here is my latest achievement.

This picture doesn't do it justice. The colors of these three very different yarns blended together perfectly, and the silk and mohair give it a beautiful glowing sheen. I love it but I'm going to give it away. I own so many scarves now that I won't be able to wear them all this winter. It's a problem.