More Scrap Yarn Knitting (and Crocheting)

A family at church is leaving us, so I knitted farewell gifts for them. The mohair blend scarf from my last post is for the mom. This handsome gray and white striped scarf is for the dad.

And these mirror image hats are for the two sons.

Both parents thanked me profusely and say they really like their gifts. I'm sad to see them go and hope they have fond memories whenever they wear the things I made.

In crochet news, I made these three dish cloths for my nephew's grandma.

 She always talks about the ones I knitted for her years ago, and I know they're getting faded and worn by now, so I figured she could use some new ones at this point.

I think that's it for holiday knitting. I might knock out a pair of socks for a friend next week. We'll see.