Vogue Knitting Live Chicago 2018

After a multiple-year hiatus, Vogue Knitting Live came back to Chicago for 2018. I waited until the last minute to sign up for a class because, frankly, I couldn't afford to pay full price for it. Luckily, they sent out a discount code last week for 50% off, and I immediately jumped on an advanced knitwear design and construction class with Laura Bryant of Prism Yarns. The class was great! I learned a lot and feel much more confident about altering existing patterns and making my own designs. I had figured out some of this stuff intuitively over the years, but it was helpful to have someone explain the math a little better.

Another highlight of the day was the meet-n-greet with Kay Gardiner and Ann Shayne of Mason-Dixon Knitting.

They are as warm and personable in person as they are on the blog, and it was fun to see their Carbeth and Birkin sweaters live, since I've been following along on the blog as they knit them.

Of course, a knitting convention is not complete without a trip to the yarn market. These 2 giant patchwork bears made by Nicky Epstein greeted us at the door.

She made them with gauge swatches from all her projects over the years.

I was very restrained in the market, and all I bought was this set of mini-skeins from Northern Bee Studio.

I have no idea what I'm going to make yet, but I think the colors are glorious.

Finally, I finished this rainbow shawl for a little girl I know who is turning 7 soon. The yarn is Stroll Gradient in the color Mood Ring from Knit Picks.

 I hope she likes it.