One Skein of Yarn, Three Projects, 19 Years

Back in 1999, I went to the very first Stitches Midwest in Minneapolis. It was my first yarn and knitting convention of any kind, and I was blown away by all the gorgeous stuff in the yarn market that I never would have found in the local yarn stores. Stores didn't stock much from independent spinners and dyers back then, so your choices were very limited.

Of course, I bought a ton of yarn, including a skein of hand-dyed silk-wool blend from Tess Yarns. I don't remember how many yards were in that skein, but it was huge. It sat in my stash for many years because I was searching for the perfect project. Then in 2004, Kate Gilbert's Clapotis scarf made its way around the knitting internet, and as soon as I saw it, I knew that's what I had to make with the Tess yarn. Fourteen years later, I still love and wear it all the time, and it never fails to get a lot of compliments. It is a timeless classic.

Even after making such a huge scarf, I still had quite a bit of yarn left. I used some of it a few years ago to make a hat for a friend's daughter (unfortunately, I don't have a photo of it), but the remainder still sat in the stash. Earlier this summer, I went through my stash to gather yarn to donate to my weaving class and ran across the final 2 balls of this yarn, so I dug them out and decided to use them once and for all.

First I made this lace scarf, which I adore and am very anxious to wear once the weather gets cooler.

And then I had just enough left to do another Jagged Little Cowl. I love this pattern.

I'm so glad I finally used up that yarn. It's too gorgeous to sit in the stash not being worn and admired. Next up, I'm doing a baby hat for a friend whose baby is due any minute now (I meant to do a hat a long time ago and got distracted, so now I really have to hustle).