End-of-Summer Knitting

Here is that baby hat I knit for a couple at church who had a baby boy recently. I still haven't given it to them because I haven't seen them and I don't know their address so I can't mail it. Guess I'll hang onto it until they come back to church.

I was traveling at the end of August and I took socks with me as my travel project. You can't have too many hand-knit socks. The yarn is Felici self-striping yarn from Knit Picks.

And here is another project I pulled out of the stash. I bought this Shetland lace scarf kit as part of a class I took at Stitches Midwest many years ago. I started it and then set it aside and forgot about it for years. I found it recently while I was looking for something else and decided I needed to finish it once and for all.

Unfortunately, there wasn't enough yarn in the kit to make the pattern as written, so it's really short. I can't even knot it once around my neck. So I'm using it as an old-fashioned dresser scarf. It makes my bedroom look very Elderly Victorian Spinster, but whatever. No one sees it but me.

The past 2 days in Chicago have been really cool. Fall is definitely in the air, even though I know more warm days are in the forecast for the last couple of weeks of summer. I'm ready for the cooler season so I can knit something besides small projects like these.