Sweater Weather Is Finally Here

Autumn has always been my favorite season. I can't tolerate high heat and humidity, so it's a relief when the air is drier and cooler but it's still warm enough that going outside is appealing. And of course, I love being able to finally break out all the accessories I've been knitting all summer. So here's a recap of what I've been working on lately.

First, I made a pumpkin hat for a baby who was born just last weekend. I figure it's perfect for an October baby.

I've made this pattern before (I found it on knittingonthenet.com). It's really easy and quick. The yarn was stuff I found in the stash.

I made yet another triangle shawl for myself. It's a fun shape to knit.

The yarn is a strand of smooth wool and a strand of mohair held together. Both are from Peace Fleece and were dyed together. I got them at Chicago Yarn Con a few years ago. Aren't those colors gorgeous?

Finally, I'm already looking ahead to Christmas. I found some red, green, and white cotton yarn in the stash and decided to crochet it rather than knitting it. I was able to get 11 dish cloths out of three balls of yarn.

Only 10 are in the photo because I already set one aside for myself. I'll give away the rest as gifts. It's never too early to start your Christmas crafting!