Christmas Socks: Last Post of 2018

The only Christmas gifts I knitted this year were two pairs of socks. I made these red and white ones for my sister.

She is not really into Christmas and we don't always exchange gifts, but she is always cold and I know she appreciates some warm woolen socks for her perpetually frozen toes.
I made these green socks for a good friend. 

I finished them in the nick of time, the morning of Christmas Eve. I told him he'd better love them because I really would have loved to knit that yarn for myself; green is my favorite color, and those are particularly gorgeous shades of green. 
Both yarns are Felici from Knit Picks, my favorite sock yarn. They always have great color ways.

So what do I knit now? I've been looking through my knitting books and my stash for some inspiration, but nothing is jumping out at me. Maybe I'll take a scroll through Ravelry and see what I can find. Hope you're enjoying your holidays and that you have a peaceful and prosperous 2019.