Triangle Canyon Shawl: First Finished Object of 2019

Actually, this is the second finished object of the year for me, but I unraveled that other project because it just didn't look right. I set the yarn aside and will save it for something else.

Once I had undone the mistake project, I got out that Freia yarn bomb in the Canyon color way that I bought from Mason-Dixon Knitting a while back.

I wound the yarn from both ends of the skein to make two balls and then worked it in stripes so that the colors would meet in the middle, rather than following a single gradient. I made yet another triangle shawl/scarf. I haven't gotten tired of this pattern yet.

I love the colors and the subtle changes as it goes along. I am really happy with this project and will not be unraveling it.

I've been wearing it around the house today, and the yarn is incredibly soft and comfortable next to the skin. The high temperature on Wednesday is supposed to be 12 below 0, so I'm sure I'll need the extra layers.