March Update: Socks and a Blanket

Near the end of January, the Midwest was hit by a polar vortex. The air temperatures were 15 degrees below zero, with wind chills near 50 below in some areas. In other words, it was cold as a witch's tit. Luckily, I work from home, but it still got chilly in my place, and I decided I needed to make more socks for myself.

The yarn is Blaze multi sock yarn from Knit Picks. They keep my toes very warm no matter how cold it is.

Speaking of sock yarn, I am a sucker for a sock yarn sale. I do go through a lot of sock yarn, so I don't feel too guilty about spending the money.

In charity knitting news, I learned about this project called Welcome Blanket, and I bought these 2 giant skeins of Lion Brand yarn to make one. The six-pound cat is included for scale.

I used both strands of yarn held together and size 13 needles, so it's nice and heavy.

Unfortunately, I did not get this blanket done in time for the latest Welcome Blanket deadline, so I'm going to give it to my church instead. We're still doing our prayer shawl ministry, and I know that someone sick or grieving will be happy to have it.