Sometimes It's Nice to Receive Handmade Gifts

I recently had a birthday, and two friends made things for me. One friend crocheted me a little pumpkin and a slice of birthday cake. I squealed when I opened the box and saw them. They are just too cute.

Another friend knitted me this triangle shawl/scarf. It's finally cool enough that I can wear it. I love the colors. I deeply appreciate it when people hand make things for me because I know how much time and effort go into it.

I also knitted this shawl for a friend's birthday, which was just a couple of weeks before mine. Can you believe that I knitted it in just 1 week? I'm pleased with how it turned out, and she loves the colors. It took just 1 ball of Lion's Shawl-in-a-Ball.

Also, I'm am so thrilled that I got a place at the Mason-Dixon Knitting retreat in Sewanee, Tennessee, next June. I've been thinking about doing another knitting- or craft-related trip for a long time, and the price for this retreat is extremely reasonable. I initially got on the waiting list, but then my name came up in the lottery and I got in. I never win anything, so I was shocked, in addition to being very happy. I'm counting down the days.