Sometimes a Project Turns Out Exactly as You Dreamed It Would

I love Knit Circus Yarns, especially their gradients. They always have the most beautiful color ways. I bought one this summer called Leaf Pile Leap and decided to make a half-circle shawl for myself. 

Is that not gorgeous? I could not be more thrilled with it. The colors are stunning. It's one of my favorite projects ever.

I used that same pattern to make a shawl for a friend. I mailed it a while back and haven't heard from her, so I fear it got lost during the sabotaging of the postal service this summer. I'm not giving up hope, though. I finally got a package last week that was mailed to me in early October.

Using up stash yarn gave me the excuse to buy more. I got a gradient and 2 other yarns from Leading Men Fiber Arts, in Clinton, IL. 

For now they'll all go into the stash while I work on using up some other yarn I bought early in the pandemic. I do use the yarn I buy....eventually.