Custom Gloves for My Sister

Over the years, I've made some pairs of fingerless gloves for my sister. She is always cold but she likes to text, so she wants the tips of her fingers free. About a month ago she requested another pair, this time with all the fingers closed except the index finger and thumb. She requested red or black, so I thought, "Why not both?"

I think they are very cute, and she must like them too, since she posted a photo of them on Facebook. I could really use another pair of fingerless gloves myself, and I need to repair some of my old mittens that are worse for wear. But first I want to finish a sweater I started in 2019. I had to put it away early in the pandemic because I was so upset and distracted I was afraid I was going to make a huge mistake. I think I can finish it now without ruining it. We shall see.