One Year and Nine Months Later...

I started making this sweater in July 2019. I made really good progress on it at first. I finished the back of it and was about halfway through the front when the pandemic hit. After that, my brain was just fried. I was so scared, distracted, and upset that I couldn't focus at all. I would read the instructions and it was as if they were written in a foreign language. I decided the wisest course would be to set it aside, lest I make some horrible irreversible mistake. 

So I spent the a great deal of 2020 doing mostly stupidly simple garter stitch projects, nothing that required concentration or counting. It fest like the safest thing to do, and it was very soothing. Around the holidays it seemed like the brain fog had cleared enough that I could finish the sweater, and I did in early 2021. Then I set it aside because, frankly, I hate sewing up my projects. 

I was on vacation this past week and decided I needed to finally finish this stupid thing and just be done with it, so it's not hanging over me any more. Et voila!

It turned out OK. It's very thin fabric so I'll have to wear a tank top under it, but it fits loosely and will be great in the summer. I probably should have taken the time to do a better job with the sewing but I wanted to finish and move on with my life. I have quite a bit of the yarn (Purl Soho's Cattail Silk) left over so I might make a shawl out of it. It drapes really well.