More Yarn Than I Can Knit in a Lifetime

 In September, Miss Purl, the only yarn store in Chicago south of Roosevelt Road, opened its doors. I visited a few weeks after the opening with my Saturday morning knitting group. Of course, I had to buy some yarn. 

I don't know what I'm going to make with it, but it's so pretty. I couldn't resist. 

My beloved cat Piglet died in September, and two of my knitting friends sent me a care package of yarn they got at Miss Purl. They know how much I love green.

Again, it's going into the stash until I figure out what to make with it. It's all lovely, and I have lovely friends. I'm so grateful for them.

Right now I'm working on a sweater and hat for my niece for Christmas. I think that's all the Christmas knitting I'm doing. I'm not feeling terribly ambitious this year.