The Summer of Dish Cloths

So, I am nearly done with a sweater. I have been working on it seemingly forever. But I am at that point where it is heavy and unwieldy and it makes me way too warm when it's draped on my lap. Given that this summer has been really hot, I have set it aside in favor of small things made of cotton--namely, dish cloths. 

This one is knitted in the mistake stitch rib pattern. It's a nice sturdy fabric that's also reversible.

You can't go wrong with a crocheted circle.

I love this crocheted fan pattern so much I made it 3 times.

I will keep at least a couple of them for myself because some of my old ones are falling apart, but the rest will go into the gift pile. People really like these cloths, and I don't think they're saying so just to make me feel better. I actually get requests for them. Who knew?

I will finish that sweater eventually but the weather needs to cool down first, like a good 15 degrees. It's times like this that I really miss the central AC in my condo. These little window AC units are just not up to the task, unfortunately, especially for a perimenopausal woman having hot flashes.