More Dish Cloths and Some Sock Yarn

 The summer of dish cloths continues apace. These 3 are knitted.

This one is crocheted. I am not a great crocheter so it is a big step for me that I can crochet something with straight edges instead of it looking all wonky like my previous attempts at crocheting a square.

Knit Circus yarns had a big sale and I bought some sock yarn that I didn't need. Well, I do need more socks, so eventually I will get around to making some with these skeins.

I visited family last week, and my 5-year-old niece saw me working on a green shawl for myself and demanded that I make a blue one for her. I don't have a lot of blue yarn in the stash but I think she'll like this blue, purple, and pink variegated yarn.

If not, I'll find something else. Maybe this is my excuse to go looking at sale yarn.