Another Pi Are Square Shawl

 A friend of mine never knits the same pattern twice. She always wants to move on and do something new. I, on the other hand, tend to knit the same patterns over and over but using different yarn and needles just to see how the knitted item changes. It may be the same pattern, but the finished products are never identical. Another friend likes to tease me about how many triangle shawls I've made, but I always counter with, "If Picasso could have his Blue Period and Monet could paint the same water lilies over and over, then I can knit infinite triangles in different colors and yarns just to see what happens."

In that spirit, I decided to knit another one of Elizabeth Zimmerman's Pi Are Square shawls, this time with 3 coordinating yarns in a fade.

 The yarn is a superwash wool from A Chick That Knitz. The dark green is Glenhaven, the lighter green with speckles is Paris, and the pink with speckles is Paris Garden.

I played yarn chicken 3 times and won. These are the remnants of each skein of 417 yards.

I am so pleased with how this turned out. Now I'm desperate for cooler weather so I can wear it. Next up I'm making a birthday gift for a friend.