A Bunch More Baby Hats

I have quite a pile of baby hats now, and I've used up a lot of my scrap yarn.

This red one is earmarked for a baby who is due in February. 

I like the combo of the blues and greens on this one.

This one looks like a piece of candy corn. It was unintentional on my part. I like it.

I love the pink, purple, and orange combo on this one.

Here's another blue-green combo one. I wasn't sure how that bright blue would work with the duller green but it turned out very nicely.

I still have a lot of scrap yarn left over but the drawer where I keep baby hats is almost full, so I'm going to set them aside and start making a shawl for a friend. The scraps will still be there when I'm ready to make baby hats again.