A Slice of Orange

 Between having a cold and then COVID and still trying to avoid crowds, I haven't been to church much this winter, but I did go for our annual congregational meeting at the end of January. A friend from choir admired the shawl I was wearing and said she should commission me to make one. I noticed that she was wearing a woven silk scarf with orange and blue panels, and I commented that I liked the orange, and she said it was one of her favorite colors. So I decided not to wait for her to commission something and I went home and looked through my stash and found this orange gradient blue-faced Leicester wool.

The yarn is from Knit Circus, and the color is Peachy Keen. I decided to make a half circle shawl with a lace border.

I am thrilled with how it turned out. I almost decided to keep it for myself and make something else for my friend, but I took it over to her place on Tuesday, and she loved it. She said she's going to wear it soon when she and her husband go out for their anniversary.

There was just a tiny bit of yarn left, so I used it to make a couple of baby hats.

I'm going to use up some more scraps to make hats and then decide what to do for my next big project.