Even More Baby Hats

 This is probably the last batch of baby hats for a while. 

I still have some scrap yarn from previous projects but nothing in any good color combos. Also, I feel like doing another shawl...not that I need one. I actually gave away a shawl and a cowl to a friend yesterday. I went through a dresser drawer and pulled out a bunch of things that I haven't worn in years. I knit compulsively and now I have enough items to wear a different one every day all winter long. It's time to start giving stuff away. 

I'm certainly not going to stop buying yarn and knitting it. Sometimes I think that knitting is the only thing keeping me even close to sane. It's often the only thing in my life over which I have even a modicum of control, and it gives me great satisfaction to create beautiful and useful things with my hands. As long as I can hold yarn and needles, I will continue to knit every day.