Yes, I made another triangle shawl. There are several reasons why I keep going back to this well. First, what typically happens is that I'll fall in love with some expensive hand-dyed luxury yarn and can only afford 1 or 2 skeins of it, not nearly enough to make a sweater for myself (and I'm not using luxury yarn for kids' items), so I end up making shawls and scarves. 

Second, these days I want projects that are simple shapes, can be made in garter stitch, and don't require a lot of counting or measuring. My job is mentally draining, and at the end of the day, I can barely string together a coherent sentence, let alone focus on a complicated knitting pattern. So I veg out in front of the TV and knit away. 

Still, despite the simplicity of the patterns, I think the results are often quite beautiful. Like this:

I used 2 coordinating skeins of hand-dyed yarn from Swans Island.

I bought this yarn the summer of 2020, during that first year of the pandemic when I was impulse-buying a lot of yarn. I'm finally getting around to using some of it, although much remains in my stash. I gave some yarn to a friend for Christmas, and I think it's time to go through my stash and give away even more. Some of this yarn has been with me for ages, and it's clear that I'm never going to use it. It needs to go to someone who will put it to good use.