Christmas 2023 Knitting

 That's right, friends, Christmas is not that far away. I probably won't be knitting a lot of gifts, but I did make a scarf for a friend. He told me a while back that he really likes turquoise blue but is hesitant to incorporate it into his wardrobe. Like a lot of men, he tends to default to neutrals and shies away from anything too bright. I found the perfect color of Capra yarn from Knit Picks, called Iconic, and then bought some gray to go with it.

I decided to do a mistake stitch rib scarf because the fabric is reversible and I like how it's squishy and resembles corrugated cardboard. When it's striped, it also kinda resembles brioche stitch. I really like how it turned out.

The cashmere in the yarn makes it super soft and not at all scratchy, even against my sensitive neck.

A while back I used up some random mohair-silk yarns I found in my stash and made this gossamer triangle. I hadn't woven in the ends or blocked it when I took this photo so that's why the edge is a little wonky.

Because I am suffering from perimenopausal hot flashes, I can no longer wear mohair, so I'm not sure what I'll do with this. I'm hoping one of my friends will be willing to take it off my hands.

I am so ready for fall and cool weather and being able to knit without the yarn sticking to my hands. I have started a lace project for myself in fall colors and am very excited to wear it before the season is over.