Pi Are Square Shawl: Green Edition

 I am temporarily off my triangle shawl streak and am back to making some Elizabeth Zimmerman Pi Are Square shawls. Green is my favorite color, and I'm keeping this one for myself.

I love that pale, pale green on the border.

I used these 2 skeins of Stroll Gradient from Knit Picks and striped them together.

Unfortunately, I believe this yarn has been discontinued. It's too bad because I really liked their gradients. In fact, I'm using the last 2 from my stash to make another Pi Are Square shawl to donate to my church's holiday sale. We're raising money to assist some refugees we are sponsoring. I think I'll also donate that mohair shawl I posted last time and some of the baby hats I've saved. People like to buy baby stuff, especially around the holidays.

Speaking of the holidays, so far I have just one gift request: my niece wants a rainbow hat. I thought about buying a rainbow gradient but the truth is I have yarn in all 7 colors here; I just need to take the time to dig through my stash and pull it together. I just moved, so everything is a mess, but hopefully I can find what I need by the end of the month. It won't take long to make a hat for a 6-year-old.