Train Ride from Hell

Had a horrible Amtrak trip downstate to visit my sister, complete with unnecessary, inexplicable delays and a squalling child whose silly yuppy parents forgot to bring extra food for him. (Do they not realize that, after a long day, babies need food and a nap?) The crying was so prolonged that I had to put in my earplugs (thank goodness I remembered to bring them). I felt badly for the baby, but I was cursing the parents under my breath. My only consolation is that the delays meant I had extra time to knit. Made quite a bit of progress on the Estonian lace scarf. Saw another woman on the train knitting, too. It looked like a simple baby blanket. I thought about asking her about it, but I would've had to talk over the guy sitting next to her, and that seemed a bit rude. So anyway....I'm in Central Illinois once again, ready to celebrate tomorrow, and then face a return trip by train on Tuesday. Pray for me...


Celebrate....birthday?I had to put in ear-plugs just to browse the sale at one of our local department stores ( supposed to be up-market) where they play rap at a ridiculous volume ! Stuck antwhere with a wailing baby is just horrible hope the return journey is better .
No, we're celebrating Independence Day. I hate stores where they crank the volume up on the music. It's a store, not a disco. I hope the return trip is better, too. With gas prices being so high, though, it seems that a lot of folks are taking the train as a way to save money.
Of apologise .I hope you have a great day ..I can't help thinking you'll have good food.I think Holly told me Ham was a 4th of July tradition ?
There really isn't any particular food that's associated with July 4. The important thing is that, no matter what you eat, it has to be cooked outdoors on a grill. It's the law. Hee, hee!
Well enjoy that's an order !
Slackie Onassis said…
How about hot dogs? Those always seem very 4th of Julyish to me. Not particularly American, but what is, really?
Dawn said…
The thing I like about the trains in the States, is they are more roomy and comfortable to the ones here in the UK. But it tooks us 4 hrs to get from Atlanta to Birmingham last year and it only takes 2 hrs to drive! We sat for 1 hr solid!

I always think of BBQ's as you said. Also Corn on the Cob....and Watermelon!!!! I miss all that! We went to a sudo-Mexican restarant with some other Americans on the fourth! I had to have some fun on the day!!!

I hope you made it back ok and had a good time!
Yeah, any picnic food (hot dogs, burgers, brats, corn on the cob, potato salad, baked beans, etc.) is associated with July 4. Man, I'm making myself hungry!

I'm surprised that the UK trains are so bad. You'd think that they'd make more of an effort to make public transportation more palatable, given how expensive gas is there (even worse than here in the US).
Slackie Onassis said…
Nothing worse than when parents don't bring food for their little ones on a commuter train. Not only annoying for the other travelers, but sad, the child squawling because they're simply hungry!!
And they were yuppy parents. It's not as if they had no money to bring/buy extra food for the baby. They were just too dang stupid to do it. Ugh.